Kabam acquires Tapzen and Magic Pixel

Kabam meets TZ Jan 10 (1)Today Kabam announced it has acquired Los Angeles-based games studios Tapzen and Magic Pixel Games. Both companies will be combined into a new Kabam branded Los Angeles Studio.

You can read the news release for more details.

This is a strategic deal for Kabam for a number of reasons:

  1. Tapzen founder and CEO Mike Verdu, a games industry veteran and pioneer, will join Kabam Studios leadership team.
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Building a new Kabam community (no megaphones allowed)

IMG_1234People play games to be entertained, and for many the game does not end when a level is completed or a big boss defeated. Fans of a game such as Marvel Contest of Champions want to extend that experience by connecting with other players, other Marvel fans and even the people who create the game. Read more

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Michael Rooker on Contest of Champions’ Star-Lord

Michael Rooker (Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy) has a few sage words for Star-Lord (and his gun) in the hit game Marvel Contest of Champions. Read more

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Video: Sam Humphries talks about writing the Contest of Champions story

Marvel comics writer (and amazing guy all around), Sam Humprhies (Legendary Star-Lord), chatted with us in this video about what it was like writing an epic storyline for Marvel Contest of Champions.

And while you’re in a video watching mood, check out this Marvel video about the game (and collecting interns). Read more

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Marvel Contest of Champions scores with a 120-piece orchestra

FB_BannerA_Final_newlogoJust as with movies and TV shows, music for mobile games is like an invisible hand. It shouldn’t be the focus, but you should feel it guide you through different emotional and actual gameplay states.

Unlike movies and TV shows, mobile games give you the option of shutting off the music entirely. Read more

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