Kabam is the leader in the western world for free-to-play core games with 1st and 3rd party published titles available on mobile devices and the Web. The company is revolutionizing the video games industry by innovating in the business of gaming, game discovery, and great games.

Unlike traditional console video games, Kabam games are available to play for free virtually anywhere gamers look for their entertainment—on mobile devices via the Apple Store or Google Play and on the Web via Facebook, Yahoo, and other platforms.


Kabam is backed by some of the world’s leading media, technology, and venture capital firms, including:

Alibaba Group logo
Alibaba Group
Canaan Partners logo
Canaan Partners
Google Ventures logo
Google Ventures
Intel Capital  logo
Intel Capital
MGM Studios logo
MGM Studios
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Redpoint Ventures logo
Redpoint Ventures
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SK Telecom
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Warner Brothers


Kabam has partnered with some of the world’s best brands to transform the traditional gaming industry, including:

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Facebook logo
Google logo
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NBC Universal
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Warner Brothers
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ATEL Capital Group

Kabam Studios

Kabam’s hit games are developed in its global studios in San Francisco, Beijing, Vancouver, and Austin, Tex. Games include:

Kingdoms of Camelot logo
Kingdoms of Camelot
Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North logo
Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North
The Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle-Earth logo
The Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle-Earth
The Hobbit Armies of the Third Age logo
The Hobbit Armies of the Third Age
Arcane Empires logo
Arcane Empires
Edgeworld logo
Dragons of Atlantis logo
Dragons of Atlantis
The Godfather Five Families logo
The Godfather Five Families
Realm of a Mad God logo
Realm of a Mad God
Imperium: Galactic War logo
Imperium: Galactic War

Kabam Publishing

Third party developers use Kabam’s technology platform and marketing tools for robust distribution of their games. Games include:

Wartune logo
Clash of the Dragons logo
Clash of the Dragons
Shadowland logo
Crystal Saga logo
Crystal Saga