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Kabam is an entertainment company that is one of the world’s leaders of AAA console quality games for mobile devices.


Kabam is an entertainment company that is one of the world’s leaders of AAA console quality games for mobile devices. Kabam’s leadership team is unparalleled in the industry, with executives from some of best global companies in entertainment, games, media, consumer goods, internet and enterprise software.

Kabam’s “freemium” business model enables players to access games on their mobile devices at no cost or obligation. Players who enjoy Kabam games can pay for premium content in the game to enhance their playing experience. The average Kabam player is highly engaged, playing more than two hours a day.

Console quality graphics and next generation technology are the hallmark of Kabam games. The company merges the art of game design and the science of consumer behavior to create immersive games that span the strategy role-playing games (RPG) categories. Kabam games include some of the most recognizable brands in the world. Kabam’s hit franchise Kingdoms of Camelot has grossed more than $250 million in five years and is one of the top ten strategy franchises of all time. Kabam has four games than have grossed more than $100 million in their lifetime.

Kabam has partnered with such leading Hollywood studios as Disney, Universal and Warner Bros. for mobile games based on some of entertainment’s most iconic franchises, including Marvel, The Hobbit and Fast & Furious.

The company was founded in 2006 and transformed to Kabam in 2009 with the leading strategy game on Facebook. In 2010 Kabam expanded to other Web platforms including its own The company anticipated the shift to mobile and ported its leading game to iOS and Android in 2011. By 2012 a majority of Kabam’s revenue was on mobile devices. In 2014 Kabam divested its Web titles to concentrate exclusively on developing AAA console-quality mobile games.

Profitable since 2012, Kabam has offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, Vancouver, Canada, Austin, Texas, and Beijing China. Kabam’s investors include some of the biggest names in internet, media and entertainment, including Alibaba, Google, Intel, MGM and Warner Bros.


Kabam is
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Kabam has partnered with some of the world’s best brands to transform the traditional gaming industry, including:

Kabam Studios

Kabam's hit games are developed in its global studios in San Francisco, Beijing, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Austin. Our most current and past games include: